December 1, 2019

we’ve been busy and have much to be thankful for.

in addition to our ongoing treatments, wellness programs and weekly guests at tranquilityRx retreats, we have been hosting weekly community breakfasts around health and healing for our rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods...

November 30, 2019

our skin is our largest organ and needs therapeutic and nurturing touch. how many people can access the physical and mental health benefits and injury relief of bodywork? mainstream marketing flaunts self-care as a prestige commodity. this distorts the importance and h...

May 5, 2019

there is a Netflix series "Tidying Up" with Marie Kondo. simple enough; it looks like purposeful spring cleaning. 

first working from a single pile of all of one’s clothes, one at a time, one asks does this spark joy? next ask that same question for each and every gener...

March 27, 2017

recently, i wasn't signed up as a volunteer Training Ride Leader (TRL) for AIDS/LifeCycle, so i trained for myself. that means i pushed myself riding and spent as little time as possible at rest and lunch stops, enough only to stretch and replenish any provisions. afte...

March 3, 2017

every new year provides us a celebration to see and appreciate something new. we say: start with ourselves. small moves work best, a day at a time. moment by moment. 

take a break. breathe. witness. let where you are right now reveal its magic and beauty....

November 29, 2016

health and wellness are better understood as a navigation system. we continuously travel in the present with ourselves and others. these routes of discovery are vaster than all of humankind's trails, roads, shipping lanes, and flight paths. 

a full breath works as our G...

November 27, 2015

our thoughts and feelings create our lives. when left unchecked, thoughts can lead to anxiety, depression and health issues that hamper our freedom and abundance. good thoughts and feelings do the opposite. good news. we can take control of how we react. this is the ba...

November 16, 2015

mother Teresa said that more than hunger, poverty and physical suffering, it is the lack of love which kills people. the skin, our largest sense organ, develops even before we are born. we need contact. we need supportive and nurturing touch as frequently as possible f...

April 14, 2015

look to this day

for it is life, the very life of life.
in its brief course
lie all the verities and realities of your existence.
the bliss of growth,
the glory of action,
the splendour of achievement
are but experiences of time.

for yesterday is but a dream
and tomorr...

April 1, 2015

are you following your deepest desire?

it's not easy, but with confidence and conviction ralph smart shares how we can feel the following results:

it doesn't feel like work. time doesn't concern you. you feel an inner radiance.

  1. you've been training all your life. all...

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