walking the Paths 

walking the Paths of the Warrior, Healer, Visionary and Healer -  movement meditation to build individual and community resilience in Oakland neighborhoods, by tranquilityRx.


this co-created community sourced course is a movement meditative practice that honors the body, mind and spirit. Yang style Tai chi from China by Cheng Man Ching is the primary movement practice, which allows the nervous system to relax and achieve a deep state of healing, allowing for expression of positive and negative feelings - authentically listening to another person's story. walking meditation, rhythm and breathing and spoken word exercises allow for continuing practices in your daily life. The four week course will cover the following components:


the Warrior - be present

Embrace (Loving-Kindness)

Trust (Transpersonal)


the Healer - notice what has heart

Co-create (Caritas Field)

Minister (Humanity)


the Visionary - speak your truth 

Inspire (Faith-Hope)

Deepen (Creative Self)

Forgive (All)


the Teacher - be open 

Balance (Learning)

Nurture (Relationship)

Open (Infinity)

online classes:

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