eugenia bowman

i have dedicated my career to personal and organizational excellence, and to systems change, to equity.  trained in strategic visioning, branding, development, cultural competence, advocacy, policy, planning and non profit grant making and management, i offer seasoned experience and intuitive sensitivies, feng shui asthetics and efficient design. I can help you revamp your life, your organization, initiative, business, neighborhood or your home. 

my methods and plans align as we enhance personal and organizational mission. i strengthen approach and impact and increase effectiveness quickly, often with radical results.

a mentor and advocate, i've held leadership positions with non- profits, councils, governing bodies and advisory boards, have served in executive positions with major educational associations and leadership programs, received a Masters of Science in Health Policy and Law from the University of California San Francisco/Hastings Law, and completed the Harvard University Institute for Senior Executive Leadership. 
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 "together, we can

make it better"