eugenia bowman crews 

we are  testing a systems-change model to disrupt the social determinants of health and it is LIVE at tranquilityRx Retreats.


voices that are traditionally absent in community share their vision, priorities and strategies and neighbours are working to dramatically shift the education  job, housing  and income opportunities and finally health characteristics for housed and un-housed neighbors in our formerly redlined, historically underutilized business zone and rapidly gentrifying census tracts in Oakland California. 


the inequitable distribution of wealth and health in our community is a matter of urgency. Join us as we work together neighbor by neighbor, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, to end the crisis of chronic homelessness and structural inequity in the east bay. we all have something to share. please join our effort!  here's more about me and how to connect


"build trust

and we can

rebuild equity"

as a social venture enterprise, your continuing support sustains your well being and underwrites our community outreach. thank you!