services and treatments

tranquilityRx signature massage

tranquilityRx is a meditative healing treatment that honors the body, mind and spirit. a combination of modalities, our signature massage addresses areas in need with constant, deep, slow, sweeping motions across the body. allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to relax, it is a painless form of deep tissue therapy, improving heath and relaxation.


couples "duet" massage class

you arrive together. you leave relaxed. receive quality massage instruction and continue in the privacy of your own home.  learn the basic techniques and gain confidence in trying massage in a fun, safe, and beautiful environment. romantic partners, friends, family members and colleagues are welcome. likewise, this class is open to all ages.


group massage classes

join a fun afternoon of massage with a friend, colleague  or loved one in a group two-hour workshop. massage can be part of a regular movement and wellness practice at home or at the gym. explore simple, playful and effective techniques which when combined will help you to de-stress and unwind. learn posture alignment, strokes, and the art of effortless touch.