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welcome you and everyone

hi I’m Kampol Crews, certified massage therapist.  welcome you and everyone to tranquilityRx!

since 2010, my wife Eugenia and I, have launched our healing retreat in the East Bay.

we are located in the North Oakland Paradise Park Census Tract. our neighbourhood, is, like many in Oakland, in flux; caught between rapid gentrification and disinvestment. Oakland, like most diverse communities, has historically suffered from the lack of health care and fresh food as well as business investments.

envision this! a “community healing home,” where neighbours connect, share stories, recipes, soup, a cup of tea, play music and sing, learn crafts, learn tai chi, get a massage, and write and read together all within walking distance. what if every neighbourhood could create a culture of mutual aid, service, and radical collaboration through sharing nurturing?

new research in social determinants points out that our health, education and prosperity are linked to where we live. therefore, the culture of health is in the quality of the neighbourhood. our challenge? efforts like ours often lack infrastructure. in Paradise Park alone, there are empty and blighted spaces, spaces needing retrofitting. we ourselves have access issues. how our neighborhood spaces are transformed is a pressing question.

let’s team up and work together; alongside our neighbours, neighbourhood businesses, community groups and healers. retreats and residencies can increase health outcomes. we have identified the needs, have and provide community support. we can create a new kind of sustainable community health. conspire with us!

Kampol Crews, CMT

Eugenia Bowman Crews, MS

🍃walk the path with us🍃warriors 🍃 visionaries 🍃healers 🍃teachers🍃


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