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longevity through play

the concept of combining senior care and childcare, often referred to as "intergenerational care," has gained popularity in recent years, and several countries have implemented successful programs. in Denmark, the city of Copenhagen has established "Bydel Sølund," an integrated nursing home and kindergarten. preschoolers and seniors share a building and engage in joint activities, providing mutual benefits for both groups.

tai chi together at Sister Thea Bowman Manor

 Japan has implemented "Yuimarl," a care facility that combines a nursing home and a daycare center. children and seniors interact and form relationships, promoting socialization and combating loneliness among the elderly. in the United States, the "Generations Together" program in Pennsylvania brings together seniors and children for activities like art classes, storytelling, and gardening. in the UK, the "Intergenerational Care Project" in London pairs elderly care home residents with young children for regular playdates and activities. in Canada, the "Adults and Children Together" program in British Columbia offers shared activities and outings for seniors and children.

research has shown that intergenerational programs can improve seniors' mental and physical health, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of purpose and fulfillment. these programs benefit children, promoting empathy, understanding, as well as improving their academic performance and self-esteem. outcomes include improved cognitive function and emotional well-being for seniors, and enhanced social skills for children. some programs offer on-site childcare services for family caregivers, providing them with respite and support.

as author and activist Temple Grandin puts it: "Community is about building bridges between people, not walls." these programs are not only beneficial for the individuals but also help build stronger, more supportive communities. we encourage you and your family to find a way to support longevity through play. and, let us know if you are interested in participating in our tai chi together program!

to your longevity and play!


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