community efforts


community retreat

  • 3-4 guest rooms

  • resident chef

  • wellness intensives

  • massage packages

  • staff/family retreats

  • resident coaching

  • consulting intensives

renew and refresh with weekly or longer wellness, leadership or personal  retreats, etc., at our vintage garden cottage retreat. inquire here.

tRx resource exchange

  • professional services

  • landscape, construction 

  • computer & database 

  • arts, crafts, sundries

  • home and garden

  • cooking and food

  • complimentary health

we exchange in increments of 60 minutes and enjoy sharing our gifts with others. offer something and let's talk. we have many success stories of trading.

trauma relief

compassion is our business.

we are here to help. share your circumstances.

we will happily provide a complimentary 30 minute massage, which you can book online.

complimentary  30 minute massages for victims of trauma. we can also refer to gifted emotional freedom technique (EFT) (EMDR) (tapping) healers.

cooperative offering

the best way to create tranquility in our communities is to collaborate and partner with others. having built a "best" practice, we have much to share.

are you a holistic practitiioner looking for a space in a successful practice? you can book our room for a small

fee. offer your vision for a cooperative space.