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community outreach


justTouch outreach

everyone needs tools to de-stress and increase resilience. holistic care facilitates and restores equilibrium, and aids in positive lifestyle changes

we set up healing pop ups across the city where we provide opportunities to heal when they are needed. please support here

trauma relief

compassion is our business. if you or a relation have suffered a trauma, we offer nurturing care, a peaceful sanctuary, a cup of tea and no cost 30 minute massage

community organizing


we collaborate with local community organizing and social action efforts to help address systemic inequities in Oakland, California

everyone is welcome to join our community based participatory action for local and community led-strategic change. Here's how

short term residencies

the best way to create tranquility in community is to collaborate and partner with others. are you looking for collaborators?  we have a thriving practice  to share.

we have the power to heal ourselves and our communities.  

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