community healing home


community retreat

  • 3-4 guest rooms

  • resident chef

  • healing intensives

  • massage packages

  • staff/family retreats

  • resident coaching

  • wellness excursions

renew and refresh with weekly or longer wellness, leadership or personal  retreats, etc., at our vintage garden cottage retreat. inquire here.

trauma relief

compassion is our business. if you or a relation have suffered a trauma, we offer nurturing care, a peaceful sanctuary, a cup of tea and a  30 minute massage at no cost.

we call it "disaster relief."  drop us a notewe can also refer to gifted emotional freedom technique (EFT) (EMDR) (tapping) healers.


we are testing a new model of community organizing and social action  to help address systemic inequities  in Paradise Park, Oakland.

everyone is welcome to join our community based participatory visioning for local and community led-strategic change. Here's how

healing residencies

the best way to create tranquility in community is to collaborate and partner with others. having built a thriving practice, we have much to share.

are you a holistic practitiioner looking for a live-work space in a tranquil and vital practice that cares about healing community?  Say hello! 

we recognize that our healing retreat is on indigenous land, pay our shuumi land tax to the Sogorea Te Land Trust, and encourage others to do so. here's how