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inhale the fire, exhale the volcano

in Hawaii, when a volcano erupts, neighbors join together to clear a path for the lava flow, creating new land in the process. drawing inspiration from the traditional practices, there are valuable lessons that can be applied to our daily lives.

by coordinating our breath with motion and actively clearing our inner path, we can gain strength and courage to overcome challenges as we "inhale the fire" of a situation and "exhale the volcano" to power through or release frustrations.

next, it's important to clear the "outer' path. if you want to change the world, commencement speakers say, start the day by making your bed. starting the day with one simple task reinforces the fact that the little things matter. some experts say the first step to increasing mental health is to clean your room.

as practical advice, incorporating mindfulness meditation, deep breathing exercises, and physical activities, such as tai chi and walking and "clearing the path within and around us," strengthens daily routines and builds resilience. keeping breath, motion, and power in balance, effort becomes easier, as we build one accomplishment after another. by fostering mindful action in our individual lives and community. let's benefit from the wisdom of traditional practices that emphasizes the importance of clearing the path for our collective wellness.


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