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power pose: tap your inner power for the new year

author Gary Zukav tells us in The Seat of the Soul that personal internal power is authentic because it is generated by the individual. when we cultivate strength of presence, not for a role or persona, but for ourselves and no one else, we tap into the power at our core. effort comes easier. we increase inner resilience and gain somatic, or full body authority, not from position or intelligence alone; our entire being sources inner strengths, and helps us to fashion a vision and create a fulfilling life.

try our favorite pose! the position of enjoyment:

we share the following exercise to help. it's easy to do at home, or anytime where there is a need for a rejuvenating power pose. breathe and settle down, while standing, (or seated if necessary) allow the arms to float about chest level on each side of you. raise both arms to receive the sky. step to the right with your right heel down and toes lifting upward (see picture). feel the connection of your feet, arms, hands and sky, and rhythm of your breath. repeat. savor the movement and experience of your arms spreading outward.

we can't help but start the year celebrating our power pose! all these years of giving, sharing our offerings for our struggling neighbors providing access when possible at no cost, organizing funding and emergency housing with groups, cooking and feeding people, is finally the most lucrative strategy we’ve ever used. not only did we receive the Comcast Rise Prize; we were just awarded a mini grant from city of Oakland Violence Prevention to launch our movement meditation and trauma study group, "The Fourfold Way: walking the path Warrior, Healer, Visionary and Teacher" in and around the Oakland San Pablo corridor, beginning one block from us.

we’re honoured to collaborate with teachers, city councilors, police departments, community organizers, businesses, churches, vendors, neighbours, clients and colleagues. this year promises to be a truly rich experience walking the path together. just being together can bring healing where there is none!


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