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the friendship bench

since 2016 Zimbabwean grandmothers have had conversations with over 35,000 community members and, among other things, depressive symptoms have been reduced by 85%. it's embarrassingly simple: when someone feels lonely or wants someone to talk to, they sit on a designated bench and a person volunteers to sit with them and listen to their needs, provide support, comfort and friendship. the Friendship Bench is a program that is bridging the gap in mental health care providers. how? people simply listen with compassion and have conversations with people in need.

author Gary Zukav tells us in Seat of the Soul that internal power is authentic and real because it is generated by the individual. when we cultivate inner power we can better deal with challenges and hardship. and when we know we are not alone, that care brings healing where there is none.

we at tranquilityRx are on your bench! now more than ever, we encourage you to share our services and community outreach programs. from now until the end of October, we are offering our very special special before raising our prices! purchase massage packages for yourself and your friends and friends.

thanks for your partnership! and let us know how we can help you stay grounded, motivated, and supported in our practice of creativity and healing.

kampol and eugenia

endless compassion, one stroke at a time


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