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we reflect on the year

we’ve been busy and have much to be thankful for.

in addition to our ongoing treatments, wellness programs and weekly guests at tranquilityRx retreats, we have been hosting weekly community breakfasts around health and healing for our rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods in Oakland. TractTrust is getting underway. the Alameda County All In program is brainstorming with us and we’ve submitted a few proposals here and there. we launched #JUSTtouch in August, providing free treatments for our local non-profits, community centers and unhoused families. we received a grant from the City of Oakland to serve one site a week for three full months beginning in December, with enough to hire local massage students to help. we will have monthly open houses for our community activists at the retreat until June. (let us know if you are interested…) that time is upon us! we happily launch our holiday special: all massages, discount packages gift certificates and services purchased from now until January 1, 2020 will include an add-on for every single session. it's time to treat yourself, your family and your circle.

as a social-venture enterprise, your patronage is critical to our mission. it not only sustains your well-being but it underwrites our community outreach as well. until then, thank you, be well and happy holidays!

Eugenia Bowman, MS

Kampol Crews, CMT

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