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take the journey to wellness

health and wellness are better understood as a navigation system. we continuously travel in the present with ourselves and others. these routes of discovery are vaster than all of humankind's trails, roads, shipping lanes, and flight paths.

a full breath works as our GPS. gratitude helps shine bright to alert us to what's ahead. keep our eyes on the road and give each other the right of way. we need help to lighten the load and travel safely. reclaim our attention from the distraction of our modern lifestyles and discard those conditioned maps that lead us to dead ends or on endless loops.

we are here to encourage that we stay on the path with the spirit of care and compassion. we say try a beginners mind since we are always charting new territory. our part is to help our batteries re-charge and our bodies to be re-aligned for the road ahead.

the journey to wellness is road worth traveling. it doesn't matter how far you might have gotten off course. what matters is that at any moment you can change course and arrive at a better destination.

photo credit Herman Damar Photography

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