the healing power of touch

mother Teresa said that more than hunger, poverty and physical suffering, it is the lack of love which kills people. the skin, our largest sense organ, develops even before we are born. we need contact. we need supportive and nurturing touch as frequently as possible from the beginning to the end of our lives.

these days, touch can be challenging for any number of reasons. we might have to break free of the fear and embarrassment to allow the right kind. touch can transmute suffering into a creative and fruitful enterprise. start by caring for ourselves & the people at home.

it's important to comfort, reassure and communicate heartfelt care through touch. it's also a good spiritual practice; the kind of touch goes beyond words. you can restore your healing abilities for yourself and your community and share some authentic compassion. and, for as many people and in as many situations as possible. Here are low-risk prescriptions:

  • massage a sore wrist of forearms of a friend or loved one

  • celebrate small victories with high fives, low fives, high tens, fist bump

  • hug your children, your parents (or your circle, friends or tribe...)

  • pat a shoulder for reassurance

  • gently squeeze knots from a friend's shoulders

  • lean back to back with a friend to relieve lower back ache

we are fortunate to have touched many of you, and many of you have touched us. we encourage everyone to take the time to express your gratitude and overall health to your close circle. try out safe ways to extend the healing power of touch!

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