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the making of tai chi events

with COVID restrictions here at tranquilityRx, now fully clothed, masked, limited treatments on any given day, and concerns around variants, we had an idea. what if we offer tai chi inspired movement once a month online or outside?

what if we begin the week with virtual tai chi? In regular "doses" it:

  • increases relaxation and decreases anxiety

  • lowers blood pressure

  • increases circulation

  • improves recovery from illness and injury

  • helps sleep and increases concentration

send questions via the contact button above and if you have a private group who would benefit from socially distant "somatic solidarity" like this, make sure to let us know.

let us know how we can help you stay grounded, motivated, and supported in our practice of creativity and healing. thank you!

kampol and eugenia

endless compassion one stroke at a time


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