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taking the path of the Visionary

we have lived through one of the most significant difficulties of our time. many of us have been shaken to the core. regardless of circumstances, visionaries look upon the world with hope and opportunity. vision brings the gifts of clarity and illumination for seeing, knowing and feeling the truth. the way of the Visionary changes the world through optimism. represented by the East, the visionary comes from a place of newness, enthusiasm and awakening, the ability to see far, and to seed new light and life.

Angeles Arrien PhD, an anthropologist and educator, in her book “The Four-Fold Way,” taps the sacred wisdom of tribal peoples for insights into healing ourselves and our fragmented world. the first way of the peaceful Warrior is being present; the second is the Healer, who notices what has heart and meaning; the third is the Visionary, who speaks their truth without blame or judgment; and the fourth is the Teacher, who is open and not attached to outcome. let's explore the third way, the Visionary:

Angeles Arrien, PH.D. Four-Fold Way. 1993, pg 103
the Visionary archetype, Angeles Arrien, PH.D. Four-Fold Way. 1993, pg 103

the Way of the Visionary is creative problem solving: to tell the truth without blame or judgement. truthfulness, authenticity, and integrity are keys to developing our vision and intuition. we express the way of the Visionary through recommitting to personal creativity, our goals and plans, and to making our dreams come true. we share a few of the following exercises to help. these are easy to do at home, or when modified, anywhere a challenge presents itself:

one: breathing chi (cleansing breath)

notice your breathing as you follow the exercise. begin by following the breath from when and where it enters and leaves, pause in stillness at the top and bottom of each. listen to the silence. repeat.

two: moving on (in openness)

move slowly for a few minutes at a comfortable pace, and in a relaxed manner. any physical activity you choose becomes a meditation when you focus and listen to your internal state. you can do the dishes, cook, vacuum, garden, stretch, dance, stroll down the street. continue to focus. breathe. repeat.

three: writing (breath made visible)

spend a few minutes writing freehand. create a spontaneous chant or poem or anything that inspires. a short instrumental piece of music, around five minutes long, is a perfect background for bringing forth your creative ideas. write without lifting the pen off the page. keep noticing the breath. repeat.

"where there is no vision, the people perish," Proverbs 29:18

it is vision for the future which opens the unlimited potential and expanse of the human mind. visionaries see the big picture and uncover the interconnectedness of things. each and every one of us can create habits that reinforce hope and help change the world by sharing our vision and doing what we love.

our four week class series “Walking the Paths of the Warrior Teacher Healer and Visionary" is a movement meditative practice that honors the body, mind and spirit. we teach Yang style Tai chi from China by Cheng Man Ching, which allows the nervous system to relax and achieve a deep state of healing. meditation, rhythm and breathing exercises allow for continuing practices in your daily life. our month-long intensive (two one hour classes per week) will start soon:


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