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10 signs you have found your calling

are you following your deepest desire?

it's not easy, but with confidence and conviction ralph smart shares how we can feel the following results:

it doesn't feel like work. time doesn't concern you. you feel an inner radiance.

  1. you've been training all your life. all of it, everything in your life, has been a catalyst, the ups and the downs.

  2. your health improves. you eat better food and take better care of yourself. you know that you have to be here so you take the longview.

  3. you're 100% committed. you don't take what you are doing for granted. even the obstacles don't get you down. you let go of doubt and fear.

  4. your values and your calling are in alignment. you feel like you have more integrity and hold your head up. you let go of self judgment.

  5. synchronicity. things happen which reinforce your confidence.

  6. your life is abundant. money is energy and we are the currency that we are working for. there's no need to strive or be perfect. passion plus energy equals abundance!

  7. you've built a support network doing what you love, find who you love, who loves you.

  8. you feel inner harmony. even in the midst of obstacles,

  9. you feel calm. you know where you're going.

  10. the whole universe conspires to help you. credit to infinite waters (running deep) on YouTube

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