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take your meds!

with another order of several hundred, we realized that there are now at least a thousand beautiful blue bottles reminding people to take their MEDS (mindfullness every day system). we give these little soldiers of tranquility to our clients to remind them. MEDS are:

  • mindfulness, massage

  • herb tea, aromatherapy

  • taking a walk, taking in nature, taking in the good

  • sitting still

  • drinking water, being near a body of water

  • collaborating with others, cleaning your house

  • creative visualization, positive affirmations

  • the Lords prayer, any prayer

  • writing a thank you letter, writing for any reason

  • reading for pleasure, reading anything

  • dancing alone, with a partner, dancing in your head

  • movement meditation, tai chi

  • listening to music, making music, making friends, making love

  • cooking for yourself, cooking with friends, cooking for others

  • growing your body of work, making art, or

  • doing one less thing so you can breathe today.

don't wait until injured or sick to start taking care of you. take your MEDS!

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