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the 9 billion year old process that created this solar system culminates in you just where you are…

some people come to massage for help to return to themselves when they are wound up. or as a reminder to try to think and act differently. we say massage is perfect for transmuting suffering into creative and fruitful enterprise. we know instinctively that it will revolutionize the way we feel. we are taking a stand for empowerment. every new year provides us an inspired moment to see and appreciate something good. we say: start with ourselves.

self care, or what we call MEDS (mindfulness every day study) takes us to a new level, not every year but this minute, now. we still have time to start again. because "just do it" needs a revision. it's time to stop doing and start freeing ourselves. we need to start breathing. to stop shopping and start shining. we love sharing our vision of healing. please join us in some way and remember: it’s a returning. not a measuring up. happy new you!

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