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Here are some suggestions for simple yet meaningful HEART habits to cultivate:


- Take a walk in nature while doing a body scan to become aware of physical sensations

- Do gentle stretches first thing in the morning to integrate body, mind and spirit


- Buy locally-sourced foods to support sustainable agriculture

- Use reusable grocery bags and water bottles to reduce waste


- Learn a new recipe that incorporates nutrient-dense foods

- Switch up your exercise routine to keep your body adapting


- Take 5 minutes for mindfulness meditation during a busy day

- Unplug from devices 30 minutes before bedtime to rest deeply


- Have an open, non-judgmental conversation with a loved one

- Journal 3 things you feel grateful for to cultivate an abundance mindset

Start with small, manageable steps that feel nourishing. Routinize these rituals into your lifestyle. Behavior change takes time, self-compassion and community support. Know that each HEART-centered act of self-care ripples out to uplift others. Together we can transform our world through mindful living.



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