the benefits of membership

once you register online, you can:

 * book an introductory one hour massage for $60 

 * purchase a package of three introductory massages for $180

 * receive a 25% discount on treatments thereafter ($85 vs $115)

 * receive additional discounts on other packages

 * use treatments without expiration date 

 * transfer treatments to friends and relatives

 * receive periodic wellness follow up calls and blogs

 * enjoy one complimentary enhancement for every package

"He has a gentle yet firm touch, creates a tranquil environment, and worked on me from head to toe-like a pro! "

Denise Pate

"In the 6+ years that I have been one of Kampol's clients, I have never felt rushed. He takes the time ... time and time again."

                      Eric Sleigh

so many benefits of massage. so much better than pharmaceuticals with side effects.