michael "deya" hui

Deya uses an intuitive combination of bodywork modalities, principally Tui Na and acupressure to bring about a return to whole-system health. rooted in the views of Chinese Medicine, Tui Na literally translates to "brush grasp" and was born out of the Taiji fighters- turned-healers of ancient China.


this hands-on-healing session often includes range-of-motion techniques for increasing fluid circulation in all of the joints in the body, a variety of hand movements, as well as "quiet style" holding of acupuncture points to encourage circulation of blood and qi throughout the body, both of which are vital to life.


Deya adds Swedish deep tissue work, stretch and flexibility focused Thai massage, and playful Shiatsu rolls to help you achieve your health goals.  book a tandem appointment for two with Kampol in our studio and/or reach him here


"we can return to ourselves

and in doing so, restore justice"

as a social venture enterprise, your support sustains your well being and underwrites our community outreach. thank you!