#JUSTtouch outreach impact report

from mid-December 2019 to mid-March, 2020, your tranquilityRx team served 10 JUSTtouch outreach locations and 115 Oakland residents (street people, front-line activists, educational, non-profit, religious, clinical, artistic and other professionals, the public and patrons), who typically lack access to holistic practices, thanks to Oakland Unite and Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (BOSS). everyone appreciated receiving our services and forwarded an additional 57 locations that needed them. we were named an extern supervisory site for the National Holistic Institute (NHI). our two externs enlisted their practice hours for the community with us. In every case, relief was immediate and noticeable through our presence and care.

concerned about disturbing evidence of toxic stress in our schools, clinics and other spaces, we investigated strategies that align with the California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris’ solution for reducing chronic stress and the trauma resulting from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). after reports of the spread of COVID-19, we started and continue to extend JUSTtouch demonstrations with weekly streaming de-stress, using Facebook livestreams, and provide safe and easy tips for those sheltered in place to focus on self-care. we continue to advise first responders and frontline workers to manage stress and trauma from our community healing home and have been named a Resilient HUB with the NorCal Resilience Network. the JUSTtouch team continues to expand our medicine crew, enlisting peer-based, PTSD, restorative justice, soul coaching and other healing specialists, building our “Inner Resilience” resources.

with the pending sites, those we had to cancel, the other site-based needs, our on-line reception, the referrals of 57 additional locations and our current situation, JUSTtouch is not only truly helpful but sorely needed. unfortunately, our community practice has been closed since March 19, and we do not have a return date. we would love pledges of support to keep us going during this challenging time. there are several things you can do. please pledge a place: sponsorships can secure spots for us to book any one or more of the 57 places referred for JUSTtouch outreach. Kampol and two externs from National Holistic Institute can accommodate 15 people for $150 per hour, either here at tranquilityrx or at an outreach site. we also encourage individuals to purchase massage packages from our online scheduler for yourself and your friends and family to redeem once the rule is lifted. Venmo, PayPal,, or linking to our scheduler are ways to help.

with your support deepen these important community connections and extend our reach to under-supported sites and collectives and continue to collaborate for the peace, justice, health and well-being of the community. until next time, be well, and safe. let us know how we can bring community access to sustainable healing to you and yours! thank you.

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