Operation JUSTtouch: holistic care for disabled veterans

Veterans with disabilities are suffering in unprecedented numbers. Up to 20% of veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq alone suffer major depression, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, among other things. Seventeen veterans commit suicide everyday and will spiral to 400 per day by 2030. Over 100,000 are said to be homeless every night and about 1.5 million are at risk of homelessness.

Access to alternative, somatic practices reduce pain and stress, and provide relaxation, relief, and solidarity. High quality holistic support places individual and collective emotional and spiritual well-being at the center of treatment. Therapeutic touch, movement therapy, trauma relief exercises, and lifestyle guidance are simple and inexpensive tools to fine-tune emotional calm and build resilience.

According to Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Surgeon General for the State of California nurturance will reduce disease from toxic stress by 50%. Wellness practitioners participate in community healing and reverse chronic diseases without the side effects from pharmaceuticals.

tranquilityRx is an Oakland based, veteran-owned, licensed and certified alternative healing practice and externship site for the National Holistic Institute (NHI), approved by the California Department of Veterans Affairs for massage therapy, less than a mile away. In addition to helping equip students who require practice hours, we participate in community events, especially for those who lack.

Operation JUSTtouch. tranquilityRx is launching the first program connecting required practice hours for massage students with veterans organizations and partners across the state. Approved and insured externs from NHI will provide 70 hours of their required practice sessions for academic credit under our supervision.

To increase access our proposal includes wheelchair ramp and associated ADA requirements.

We will launch parallel programs for each NHI location, identifying recruiting and serving veterans where they live. NHI has branches located in the East Bay, Redding, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Modesto, San Jose, Clovis, Studio City, Ontario and Santa Ana, California.

Nurturing practices build solidarity, resiliency, agency and power, reduces pain and provides relief. We offer our innovative mutual aid as a bridge for mental and physical health to continue growing. It's another reminder of how the real problem, in this case accessibility to help, can be solved by looking at all of the assets at our disposal.

Operation JUSTtouch heals by harnessing the power of and fostering the care that emerges when talented and concerned people come together. Can we count on you?

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