help fill the pool

we stood in the prayer circle last week with our offering of home-made chili and cornbread as the inaugural meal of the Self Help Hunger Home Cooks Program. it was like a homecoming of the Black Panther Free Breakfast For School Children; nurturing, self-determination, and community spirit for the people, at Driver Plaza, not far from us. “only be here for love” reminds Aunti Frances, co-founder of the Self Help Hunger Program. every week at the plaza, we join Aunti and others to activate empathy to go beyond what most people label, judge and fear.

the Surgeon General of the State of California, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, in fact, knows all too well the buffering effect caring has on chronic diseases that occur through the stress responses which become toxic. nurturing releases oxytocin, protects against cell damage and enhances vascular health. “Our bodies are wired to have these healing and protective mechanisms,” she shares. research shows how trauma ruptures relationships. resilience is built through safe, stable, nurturing connections.

we ask: what if every neighborhood established a healing home that has capacity to harness people power and foster what emerges? during COVID-19 we created new social rituals of rapid response and homelessness intervention. we set up action centers across the city and provide opportunities to heal by laying on hands, sharing a meal, our time and stories. anywhere can become a regenerative hub to provide access to what's needed.

as a veteran, Kampol has been investigating what it would take to provide healing intensives for wounded warriors. vets, disabled and many other community members would benefit from a spectrum of healing modalities beyond massage, including aquatic therapy, Tui Na, Emotional Freedom Technique and EMDR, particularly for those who struggle with PTSD and other mental effects due to trauma and toxic stress.

we invite our patrons, clients and supporters to invest in our dream. to truly serve the most in need we must become ADA compliant and expand our healing modalities and community practices. eugenia needs a design plan to raise the funds for renovation and construction. we have launched a campaign to underwrite the architectural renderings for an accessible ramp and entrance, bathroom renovation and aquatic therapy pool. will you help? here's our go-fund-me.

at tranquilityRx, we believe that the culture of health is in the quality of the neighborhood. we encourage everyone to directly invest in the health and healing in your community!

thank you!

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