our skin is our largest organ and needs therapeutic and nurturing touch. how many people can access the physical and mental health benefits and injury relief of bodywork? mainstream marketing flaunts self-care as a prestige commodity. this distorts the importance and health benefits since advertising promotes luxury, turning holistic practices into an exotic escape. prices for treatments, spas and getaways are out of reach for so many. there are other considerations: time off, day care, scheduling, traffic, parking. finally, the corporate massage and spa industry run high profit margins, exploiting their practitioners who work often for low wages, on contract and rarely receive benefits. the industry is not equitable nor sustainable.

we've been testing a new idea. we host a massage studio and community retreat in our vintage garden cottage in Paradise Park, Oakland as a social and charitable enterprise.

we demonstrate story massage to students and parents in our schools, bring our massage table and/or chair to festivals, "well company" out calls, schools, retreats, meetings and non profit events, and offer services at local cafes. we share practices to help reduce stress, organize calm and build resilience in classrooms, workplaces, community centers, homes; for our allies and neighbors on our porch and on the street. we offer "disaster relief" a complimentary 30 minute massage for anyone experiencing trauma. we prepare the mind and nervous system for daily stress, for learning, and to help build community and tranquility in any setting.

this is #JUSTtouch. community wellness outreach provides validation and connection, heals in non-traditional ways, and goes beyond personal health. working together we can heal our community and reverse chronic diseases without the side effects from pharmaceuticals. we say #freethechair and #freethetable in senior centers, shopping malls, at the commuter line-up, in homeless encampments, in the middle of the public square! please join us to help each other to reduce pain and stress, and provide relaxation, relief and solidarity.

#JUSTtouch will rebuild health and equity.


endless compassion one stroke at at time

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