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Art’s aids lifecycle: massage is important training support

recently, i wasn't signed up as a volunteer Training Ride Leader (TRL) for AIDS/LifeCycle, so i trained for myself. that means i pushed myself riding and spent as little time as possible at rest and lunch stops, enough only to stretch and replenish any provisions. after cycling 50 miles from Orinda BART station to Treasure Island and back to Orinda via Spruce Street, up to and over Wildcat Canyon, i realized i worked a few muscles that may have been dormant since training started late fall.

as soon as i got home i went online hoping that kampol with tranquilityRx would be available to schedule me for a massage. the stars and moon were aligned — i was in luck and booked a monday session. i have always loved getting massages and since I started cycling in february 2014; massages have become an integral part in taking care of me. anyone who is physically active should pay attention in not only keeping muscles toned, but supple and that’s how massages assist. yes, one can stretch and use a foam roller, but getting a massage adds another level of care and can be a special treat.

kampol is very in tune to what he does. his massages are not one-sided and he makes every effort to make sure i communicate. my involvement is essential by giving him feedback before, during and after to work as a team to effectively address the muscles that need attention. i feel quite fortunate to have met kampol. now that i’m consistently training, i'll be consistently scheduling time with kampol. any of you who feel you need a treat or you cyclists that need to take care of yourself, don't forget to get in touch with a massage therapist.

Art Desuyo

Art’s AIDS/LifeCyclePage

thanks for the encouraging words, Art. we hope our readers check out your blog. thanks for the dedication and spirit of giving! see you soon.

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