taking in the good

our thoughts and feelings create our lives. when left unchecked, thoughts can lead to anxiety, depression and health issues that hamper our freedom and abundance. good thoughts and feelings do the opposite. good news. we can take control of how we react. this is the basic premise of the new science of neuroplasticity: we have more control of our thinking patterns and impulses than we realize.

studies report those who recall good experiences, small victories, kind gestures, warm feelings, or their blessings daily had more hours of sleep each night, were more tranquil and satisfied with their lives.

when we "take in the good" we feel optimistic about the upcoming week, experience closeness with others, handle stress, deal with disappointments, and increase our well-being overall. Rick Hanson in Hardwiring Happiness shares four steps to take in the good, even if only for a few seconds a day. it involves four simple steps:

  1. have a positive experience. notice the kindness of a stranger or the smile of a child.

  2. enrich it. hold it in your mind. allow it to shift your thinking pattern. go back to it later.

  3. absorb it. allow the positive feelings to sink in. notice all the wonderful feelings.

  4. link it. the positive feelings & memories will help you deal with conflicts & challenges.

just as food becomes woven into the body, memory becomes woven into the self. you can "heal" your emotions and your thinking. we help ourselves thrive as we literally change our brain. positive experiences predominate, and old patterns of negativity will fall away. no longer a prisoner to thoughts, opinions, judgments and reactions, we tap into peace and contentment that will change everything, and for the better. It's that simple!