no cost feng shui

we don’t need to hire ancient wisdom, take out walls, change the direction of your front door nor reorient whole rooms of furniture to get the simple immediate benefits of feng shui. these ten steps cost us nothing, however, once we complete them, we feel energized and our homes radiate a new vitality.

  • clean the house. yep, it’s that simple. chi flows like a river when space is clean. pay close attention to bathrooms and toilets.

  • get rid of excess or anything and everything that you do not use. best is to give to charity.

  • eliminate clutter. (and look at why you collect it.)

  • keep electronic devices at least 6 feet away from you, particularly when you sleep.

  • keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered. store computers, work and exercise equipment somewhere else.

  • never place your bed on a wall that has a toilet on the other side.

  • avoid fountains in the bedroom and sleeping under sloping ceilings.

  • get natural light into as many rooms as possible

  • populate the eastern side of your home with the color green and live plants

  • keep your air clean. switch to natural cleaners, and soy or beeswax candles.

we can save money and do these easy steps before we start revamping space with outside help or spend money on furnishings. we feel better, people who visit will feel better and the next steps we need to take for the space will flow like the wonderful new chi you unlock when you do!